Key features

Battery management system:

  • Individual cell voltage monitoring with cell balancing
  • Multiple temperature sensors that monitors cells to prevent overheating
  • Can Bus communication allow integration between multiple modules and vehicle
  • Controls active liquid cooling

Thermal runaway protection:

  • Individual fuse on each cell
  • Cell level protection using a unique proprietary patented design using advanced materials in a liquid cooled environment
  • Module level protection in case cell level fail

Currently we offer a choice of two modules. Others are under development for higher flexibility.

Module specifications:

Cell chemistryNMCNCA
Capacity2.2 kWh2.57 kWh
Operating voltageFull 50.4
Nominal 43.2V
Empty 38.4 V
Full 50.4
Nominal 43.2V
Empty 38.4 V
Discharge max. nominal current (power)340 A (14,68 kW)170 A (7,34 kW)
Discharge peak current 510 A (22 kW)340 A (14.68 kW)
Nominal charging current26 A29 A
Maximum charging current68 A58 A
Module Energy Density 183 Wh/kg214 Wh/kg
Cooling typeLiquidLiquid
Dimensions380 x 250 x 80 mm380 x 250 x 80 mm
Weight (with cooling fluid)Max. 12.5 kgMax. 12.5 kg

Battery packs:

We are currently working on module integration within complete packs for aerospace and automotive. Please send the required specifications.

Key features our complete packs can offer

(specifications include casing weight and accessories):

  • Up to 3 layers of fire protection : cell level, module level and pack level
  • Liquid cooled for best performances and longevity
  • High power, between 1.1 to 1.65 kW/kg
  • Up to 1000V
  • High voltage contactor and fuse
  • CAN communication for ease integration with control interface
  • Fast charging
  • Full customization starting from module size and shape