Product features

Advanced fireproof lithium battery

Our proprietary passive fire protection system isolates the burning cells from the rest of the battery pack

Lightest off the shelf battery module

Up to 20% added mass over lithium cells for the complete module including cooling liquid and fireproof system

Highest power/density ratio

From 1.22 up to 1.83 kW/kg for a battery module


Unique design allow easy integration for the modules with minimum mass for the overall pack

Highest energy density module

For a fireproof module with over 240 Wh/kg including cooling liquid.

Custom module design

Other module sizes and capacity available due to unique scalable interior design


Our solutions


less added mass

reduced weight for added components


more efficient

Proprietary design for improved heat transfer and reduced fire hazard compared to other modules using cylindrical cells.



Choose a module and quantity, voltage and shape.